An Extensive Research into How Technology Can Be Used To Support Users of Health and Social Care Services in Living Independently

People with disabilities often face issues from getting around different places and communication with others. They also face difficulties in managing their daily task. Nevertheless, with the advancements of technologies, there have been several assistive types of equipment introduced to assist these people. An assistive technology refers to the technology that is capable of assisting disable people with their day-to-day activities. In other words, these technologies can be named as adaptive devices. The adaptive devices can be in the form of walker which helps people suffering from disabilities in walking or hearing devices, which enhance the hearing capacity of the people with hearing difficulties.

The list of adaptive devices can be very large; however, the main of these devices is to help assist people in their daily tasks. Utilization of such type of assistive technology can be exceptionally beneficial for the disable people who have to rely on others for performing their daily task or getting medications and assistance. In simpler terms, assistive technology allows disable people to live an independent life. Moreover, it has been observed that people who make use of these devices depend less on the people and are capable of functioning independently. In addition, assistive devices can also assist in minimizing the cost associated with the health care of elder and disable people. Likewise, the assistive devices are relatively cheap, since people have either to make monthly payments for some devices or need to make only one-time payment. Despite so many advantages of these assistive devices, there are several limitations with the utilization of assistive technology. The barriers associated with the utilization of assistive technology can be either technical or social. In complicated cases, the assistance or the adaptive devices are relatively new and new significant studies have or feasibility tests been carried out to affirm the efficiency of these devices. Moreover, the researches present on these devices include short-term benefits, there are only a few studies that have focused on the enduring advantages of assistive devices. This research concentrates on long-term benefits of different assistive technologies.

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