This essay discusses whether a college education is the only thing which determines success in life or there are other important aspects as well.

It is true that education is very important in life as it produces civilized and educated individuals that contribute to the betterment of a society. It is not true that college education is the only way to achieve success. College education helps people in many ways as it provides them more working options but it is not something that guarantees success.

There are many people who do not attend college but become successful in life depending on the talent and skills they have. There are many successful people in the world who did not even attend college. Many movie stars, singers and other celebrities do not even attend college but still become successful individuals. They make more money than any of those people who attend college and acquire an academic degree.

There are people who join big food chains like McDonalds, Burger King and KFC as only waiters but with experience and time they go on to become managers making their way up without a college degree. This proves that in order to be successful in life a college degree is not everything as there are other important aspects also that help people make it big in life. These people rely on their innate talent and capabilities and become successful. With time and experience, their innate capabilities are honed and they become even better than those people who acquire a college degree. They make more money than any college graduate based on the talent.

College is not just all about getting a degree to find a good job. It is also about becoming an educated and civilized individual. If success only depends on attaining a college degree than how come so many people become successful individuals in life.

There are many people who become successful entrepreneurs even without attending college because they have the aptitude and talent. They know their strengths and weaknesses and make key decisions based on them.

College degree is important indeed but it does not guarantee success. Many individuals have college degrees but they still struggle to find their dream job. At times, they even end up doing something completely different from their academic field. Therefore, a college degree must not be made a benchmark for success in life. It is just a formality and the rest depends on an individual.

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